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智能制造精密装配 非标自动化,检测设备

  Shanghai Yus precision mould Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and invested by domestic professionals. The company specializes in designing and making various moulds and various plastic products, hardware products, automobile and electronic industry related moulds and equipment. The products are sold all over the world and are widely used in the field of light and heavy industry. The company adopts modern science and technology, such as 3D, 2D and other software design, the whole mold adopts CAD/CAE/CAM integrated manufacturing technology. With a modern factory 1000 square meters, more than 50 skilled technicians and 6 professional designers, 4 electric spark machines, 8 milling machines, 3 high precision machining centers, 5 ordinary lathes, 5 precision grinders, 10 injection molding machines, 2 blowers, 3 cutting lines, and a series of advanced equipment. The annual production mold can reach 350 sets. Our aim is to make customer satisfaction the unremitting pursuit of us. We will do our best in accordance with the requirements of our customers. The company has a number of more than 10 years of mold experts, long-term responsible for the company's mold and plastic products manufacturing, precision parts, precision semiconductor products and parts, at the same time, our company also introduced advanced management mode abroad, clear division of labor, formed a "high efficiency, good quality" model, and for customer information Carry out strict confidentiality. Our company can also import all kinds of plastic raw materials according to customer requirements, and produce products such as trial moulds, pre production products and so on. Since its creation, the company has been working with some well-known foreign enterprises, such as: with Japan ABI Die Co., ATS (China) Automation Co., Ltd., Foxconn group, Japan Dongyang REK mold, Tin Ming Optoelectronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., production of precision parts and fixture, the production of about 300000 parts precision parts And fixture, so far, has maintained a friendly cooperative relationship. If you have any request, we welcome your contact at any time, and will reply you in the shortest time! The main business: precision mold parts processing, semiconductor parts, automatic product design, production, inspection tool, fixture processing, stamping die / product
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